Thursday, August 4, 2016

First Day of School

I'm exhausted, my feet hurt, and my throat is sore, but the first day of school went really well!  I am teaching my own daughter for the first time in my third period Geometry class, which is really strange (but good).  We had to cover the classroom rules and policies (a first day of school must at my school), but then we really got to have fun.

In my two Geometry classes, we played 31derful, found at Sarah's blog.  I love this game for my geometry classes because it gets them thinking outside of the box, and I love hearing all the mathematical discussion that went on in those classes.  The groups that finished got stickers.  I don't know what it is about stickers, but my students love them!

In my three Algebra 2 classes, we did some error analysis.  I found a worksheet at Teachers Pay Teachers a long time ago that had algebraic expressions and equations that were simplified incorrectly.  The goal of this activity was to identify the error (using words) and to correct the expression or equation.  The students worked great on this activity, but I was very surprised that most of them wanted to work on their own.  Which, by the way, is not a problem at all.  They were all engaged in the activity, but I wonder if they could have gotten more out of it with some discussion among themselves.

In my one Statistics class, I used a couple of activities from The Practice of Statistics, 5th edition.  I talked through the article at the beginning of the book, "What Is Statistics?"  We then did the hiring discrimination simulation to lead us more into thinking about the big picture of stats.  Both of these activities took much less time than I had anticipated.  So, we went ahead and started with the first lesson, which I had initially prepared for tomorrow.  Yay for both planning ahead and for making my copies ahead of time!
The students don't normally wear their blazers, but the first day of school is always a dress uniform day.  I thought they all looked really nice, but I know they are ready to get back to their everyday uniforms.

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